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Who We Are

We are a nonprofit led by women of color.

Since 2014


How Are We Different

We revolutionize the energy system by centering climate-impacted communities through clean energy projects, policy advocacy, and education.

Our Mission


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We must do what’s right, not what is easy, to build trust and center communities. We are rebuilding the current extractive energy system by centering people in climate-impacted communities. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to the people we serve, not to profit. Energy Allies is committed to prioritizing diverse perspectives in a just transition to clean energy.


A research-driven approach to problem-solving through piloting new solutions. Creativity, curiosity, and adaptability are key to advocating for climate, economic, and racial justice. Energy Allies pushes the boundaries of the status quo by co-designing innovative solutions that cultivate access and accountability in the energy system.


An inclusive, accountable environment that facilitates respect, compassion, empathy, and gratitude across academia, clean energy development & finance, community organizing and policy. Us, all, our loved ones, our neighbors, a localization of humanity. Energy Allies connects with our communities to understand and reduce barriers in the energy system by co-designing clean energy solutions that enhance people's power to break the reliance on fossil fuels.


When energy is not determined by race, education, or economic status. Energy Allies increases transparency to build a movement with the power to dismantle the authority and exploitation of the extractive energy system through disseminating information to climate-impacted communities.


Energy justice is impossible to achieve without confronting racial injustice. Energy Allies believes in a just transition led by climate-impacted communities provided with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Our Vision

Co-designing a just energy transition that serves all communities

Why We Prioritize Community-Led Energy

We believe a community-led transition can dismantle monopoly power and authority in the current extractive energy system to build wealth in climate-impacted communities.

Our Story

In 2014, we were founded by Steph Speirs and Sandhya Murali, on the belief that every household should be able to access affordable clean energy. Since our founding, our board seats a majority of women of color, qualifying Solstice Initiative as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). In 2022 and beyond, our Executive Director Yesenia Rivera leads us in centering climate-impacted communities through clean energy projects, policy, and education.

Community Leaders

What they say

Community members lead the decision-making on our clean energy projects.
"The beauty of collaborating with multiple people and organizations is they bring different perspectives and ideas that you wouldn’t have been able to think of on your own."
"Hats off to Solstice Initiative for really leaning in to understand how we can make an entire decision-making process typically involved in a solar development project more community-focused and community-centric."

In 2022


Community Advisory Board members participating in community-led solar projects in Boston.



Led by Women of Color



to coordinate income-based scholarships to expand ownership of community solar gardens in Boston.

Our Staff

The secret to successful work isn’t just about innovation – it’s about finding the right people to innovate with purpose together.

Yesenia Rivera

Executive Director

Ben Bailey

Director of Development

Diana Eddowes

Program Director

Allie Ricks

Operations Associate

Eli Goldman

Program Manager

Cassan Aurelie

Communications Manager

Zahra Thani

Research Project Manager

Eve Lukens-Day

Program Coordinator

Cat Beckstrand

Development Associate