Everyone deserves access to affordable clean energy. Energy Allies is powered by people like you who demand a future for our country that is sustainable and just.

Invest in a nonprofit start-up that puts the community first, innovates for more inclusivity, and educates people toward a green future for all.

We, as a nation, have taken huge strides in providing affordable, clean energy. However, the benefits of that progress remain inaccessible to the vast majority of Americans due to systemic barriers. That is why Energy Allies exists.



Support our free resources, curriculums and events that mobilize climate-impacted communities to revolutionize the energy system.



Fund 1 paid meeting for our Boston Community Advisory Board Members.



Finance one educational workshop or event for climate-impacted community members.



Provide membership for 1 Boston community-based organization to lead community solar on our Community Advisory Board.



Donate an amount of your choosing to Energy Allies! 


  • $500 convenes one paid Community Advisory Board meeting in Boston
  • $100/month coordinates one community-based organization paid membership into our Boston Community Advisory Board 
  • Or please make a donation of your choosing!

Your donation expands access to clean energy through projects, education and policy that center climate-impacted communities!

Questions about community partnerships or donations?

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