Source: Initiative for Energy Justice

Energy Justice

Achieving just social and economic participation in the energy system, while remediating social, economic, and health burdens on climate-impacted communities. 

Energy Justice is Racial Justice

Revolutionizing our energy system through centering energy justice means addressing power inequities and leveraging collective community voices to call for equitable climate policy.

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Energy Justice

Energy justice demands equity in social and economic participation in the energy system. It calls for remediating social, economic, and health burdens for those disproportionately harmed by the energy system. Our existing energy system maximizes profit for investor-owned utilities while often disregarding the frequent negative impacts it has on climate-impacted communities. 

Energy Allies is a nonprofit that revolutionizes the energy system by centering local leadership and ownership of clean energy projects in climate-impacted communities.

Direct ownership of solar assets allows the local community to realize full resulting economic benefits, not third party tax-equity investors. Energy Allies works at the nexus of clean energy and social justice to provide all households, regardless of race, ethnicity, income, home ownership status or other factors, access to clean energy through community-led energy, research and innovation, clean energy education, and advocacy for inclusive clean energy policies. We envision a future where accessible clean energy powers thriving communities.

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