Energy Democracy


Energy Democracy


Energy democracy is a movement to decentralize the energy system by centering communities in the ownership and access of clean, affordable energy.
In doing so, communities leverage voice and agency to shape a more resilient energy future.

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Energy Democracy

Indigenous Environmental Network

Learn from indigenous perspectives on the just transition.

Climate Justice Alliance

Energy Democracy represents a shift from the corporate, centralized fossil fuel economy to one that is governed by communities, is designed on the principle of no harm to the environment, supports local economies, and contributes to the health and well-being for all peoples.

Local Clean Energy Alliance

Energy Democracy means a decentralized energy system, one characterized by social and community-based control and ownership of energy resources


Wondering how democratic your city’s energy system is?

Check out the Energy Democracy Scorecard curated by the Emerald Cities Collaborative that assesses key principles including social justice, regenerative energy systems, moral economy, and co-governance to determine how well energy democracy is being achieved in your community.

Who controls our energy?

Essential in understanding the movement of energy democracy is to understand the structures of who currently controls our energy systems. Most people in the U.S. get their energy from investor-owned utilities (IOUs), privately-owned whose foremost goal is maximizing profit for their shareholders. This privatized structure gives little opportunity for the public input and often favors powerful interests like the fossil fuel industry over the public interest.

However, there are other types of utilities, including cooperative utilities, which are private companies that are communally-owned, and publicly-owned utilities, which are non-profit and completely government operated. While these alternative utility structures do not guarantee clean and affordable energy access (some are still heavily reliant on and influenced by fossil fuels) they allow for direct public input and open the door for communities to advocate for the type of power they want.

Energy Allies and our partners are building a movement to democratize energy systems.

Decentralized and Democratized Energy System

How We Advance Energy Democracy

Community Leadership

• Power-building
• Community-Advisory Board
• Community Ownership of Energy Resources

Alleviate Energy Burden

• Energy Bill Savings
• Energy Resilience
• Climate Adaptation

Shared Benefits

• Workforce Development
• Jobs and Opportunities
• Co-learning with communities

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We revolutionize the energy system by centering climate-impacted communities through clean energy projects, policy advocacy, and education.

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