Utility Justice


Utility Justice

People's Utility Justice Playbook

Have you ever wondered who is in charge of your electricity? And why? Read the People’s Utility Justice Playbook was anchored by Energy Allies’s Executive Director Yesenia Rivera to answer these questions.

76% of Consumers Don’t Trust Their Utility

Unjust practices by for-profit solar companies and negative experiences with utilities create an environment where low income households are wary of commitments with third party energy entities.
Join Yesenia Rivera, Solar United Neighbors, and Nora Elmarzouky, Centennial Parkside CDC to learn more about the playbook and how you can use it to expand energy democracy in a community near you.
Watch John Oliver discuss the incredible power of utilities and how corrupt the government and commissions that 'regulate' them are.

Investor-Owned Utilites

Investor-Owned Utilities distribute 72% of the country’s electricity, display similarly extreme earnings and demographics and have a vested interest in maintaining control over the electrical grid. This has led to a faltering grid infrastructure, which leads to more frequent blackout events and increased costs for developing community solar farms, which are, themselves, capable of improving grid resiliency. Utility service to communities of color is often disproportionately lacking due to the marginalized location of many of these neighborhoods and their presence within areas that are more prone to natural disasters; this elevates the risk of these grid investments. When blackouts hit, like the PG&E shut-off in 2019’s fire-season that cut power for 800,000 homes, those that can’t afford backup generators and batteries are left in exceedingly dangerous situations. These types of events are unfortunately becoming more likely and will undoubtedly have unequal effects across the impacted areas.
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