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Climate-impacted communities are leading the movement to revolutionize the energy system.

We are building a model of local energy that centers climate-impacted communities.

Solstice Initiative revolutionizes the energy system by centering climate-impacted communities in clean energy projects, policy advocacy, and education​​. We seek to co-design a just transition that serves all communities. To realize this vision, we have identified the need to organize and work with energy justice champions at the local level.
Community organizing will enhance ongoing work and establish new efforts to advocate for a just transition. As members and leaders of various environmental justice coalitions, we are often in spaces where energy justice is discussed. However, even in these spaces, conversations can be highly technical and are limited to those in attendance. 

Through our organizing, Solstice Initiative will break down barriers to accessing information and host events to increase participation and democratize our energy system. Our vision of community-led energy works at the nexus of energy justice, racial justice, and environmental justice to provide all households, regardless of race, ethnicity, income, and homeownership status, access to build intergenerational wealth and lasting energy solutions.

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Policy Advocacy

Learn about policies that prioritize energy democracy and a community-led energy revolution

Community Advisory Board

Dive into our Community Advisory Board, leading clean energy decision making in Boston

Our Research

Read lessons learned from studies into community-led solar project development

Community-Led Project Technical Assistance

Partner with us to build accessible, affordable clean energy for your community


Our community resources and events build the movement to revolutionize the energy system

Siting Community-Led Solar Projects

Plant the seeds for our energy system revolution by providing a site for your community's project

"CREW is interested in connecting communities of color to the work that is being done by Energy Allies. Energy Allies is doing important work and we are delighted to be a partner in this work."
Community solar allows households to enroll in a local shared solar array and see savings on their electric bill, without any of the extra costs or installation problems introduced by putting it on a rooftop. However, people of color and income-eligible households continue to be excluded from renewable energy projects, such as community solar, and energy efficiency programs.

We believe project development needs to be grounded in communities, from the beginning, to revolutionize the energy system
With this in mind, we envision a model of community solar that centers climate-impacted communities and is entirely community-led. Through our work, Solstice Initiative and community partners build solar projects that prioritizes community voices and provide opportunities for residents to build wealth. Our projects offer income-eligible households the opportunity to benefit from community-owned, community-led clean energy. Every aspect of this project will be decided on by a Community Advisory Board made up of local leaders with Solstice acting as a technical advisor.
Community solar is a more accessible form of solar energy because it expands access to community members who rent, or do not own their roof. All community members can participate in a community solar garden through shared ownership or energy savings.

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