Solstice Initiative together with our partners at PUSH Buffalo are co-developing a community solar project intended to benefit income-eligible households and climate-impacted communities in Buffalo, New York.

Solstice Initiative is partnering with PUSH Buffalo to co-design a community-led solar project that builds lasting wealth for climate-impacted communities in Buffalo.

We will form a Community Advisory Board (CAB), of community members and local leaders to coordinate decision-making on the project.

The CAB has the opportunity to lead on project siting, community ownership, workforce development, building grid resilience through storage, and co-designing public spaces.

Our goal is to solidify our participatory community-led energy model that centers communities and builds on the learnings of our work in Boston.

buffalo project update

We are looking for a co-development partner.

Support our community-led solar project in Buffalo, NY by working with Solstice Initiative and PUSH Buffalo to facilitate participatory community engagement sessions related to bringing equitable solar energy to climate-impacted communities of Buffalo, NY.

our Buffalo community advisory board (CAB) has been supported thanks to:

Siting Community-Led Solar Projects

Plant the seeds for our energy system revolution by providing a site for your community’s project.