Actions You Can Take

We believe in a future where communities participate in and take ownership of clean energy projects. We participate in coalitions across racial, economic and energy justice movements to promote the equitable adoption of clean energy in climate-impacted communities. Join our policy advocacy initiatives!


Policy and Initiatives

We convene Community Partners to co-design solar projects that prioritize local values and opportunities to build wealth; advocate for community-led solar policy; and enhance access for community members
Communities understand the benefits of clean energy, but are presented with systemic barriers that prohibit access to it. Energy Allies identifies barriers and cultivates resources and opportunities to co-design just energy solutions.


New York, State and Local Policy Incentives

MA, State and Local Policy Initiatives

National Policy Advocacy

Energy System Research Blogs

The Dark Side of Solar

Every year, approximately 114,678 thousand megawatt-hours of electricity are generated from utility-scale solar panels in the United States. That’s 2.2% of the United States’ annual

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Learn with us

We provide free education through resources, curriculums and events to mobilize climate-impacted communities to participate in the movement to revolutionize the energy system.


Community-Led Solar

Gain a deeper understanding of our work to build solar projects that prioritize community voices and provide opportunities for residents to build wealth. Our projects offer income-eligible households the opportunity to benefit from community-owned, community-led clean energy. 

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